Authorized Celebrant for all Celebrations of Life

Relaxed & fun ceremonies are my speciality


Getting to know me


In the past three years I have had such a blast joining lots of gorgeous humans in the ritual of marriage. I love nothing better than to witness couples expressing their love in their own unique way.

It is, and always will be the greatest privilege for me.

I have strong values that play a big part of who I am, they are Loyalty,  Family, Inclusion, Diversity, Fun and Supportive.  I incorporate these in every ceremony I perform.

Being able to able to participate in such an important part of an individual’s life fills me with such joy and humility.

Photo: Me in action, nothing like a good playsuit to avoid windy weddings.

What's my style

Relaxed & Fun is my specialty

I love getting totally immersed in anything I do. I gain my energy from being around people and making them happy. I really care that you get your essential elements included in the ceremony. I will tell your love story the way you want it to be told. My job is to make your ceremony one that your guests will walk away feeling that they really got to be included in one of the most special days of your lives.

I’m open to pretty much anything, (just not heights) I’m creative and happy to share plenty of ideas and information on ways to make your day unique to you both.

If it’s short and sweet, then your wish is my command. 

If you want others to feel special in your ceremony, let’s do it. 

If you need something to represent important parts of your life – a ritual, a prayer, a  theme, and family member or special friend, I’m happy to accommodate.

From start to finish, it’s all about you, my job is to make it real!

Photo: A gorgeous themed wedding @bawleypointwinery.

My Services

Uniquely Yours

You're Owning It!

You have had something in mind and now is the time to make it happen.
I’m good at listening and bringing your ideas to life.
Surrounded by family and friends, your guests are chilled and relaxed waiting to see you at your best.
Walking in either together or with someone special you’re owning it!
You’re ready to express what everyone already knows, to the one special person that it means the most to.
You wait for those words, “family and friends I’d like to introduce to the newest married couple on this planet at this very moment!”

$1200 all inclusive

For package details,  fill out the contact form and I will go through with you what is included.

Elopement Ceremony

Just the two of you.

You don’t like the whole big wedding; you’ve talked and decided that it would be amazing with just the two of you.
Somewhere simply beautiful, where you can proclaim your love for each other, that’s the most important part for both.
It can be in your own home or that one special place, you will feel the difference when I say you can seal the deal with a kiss or a pinkie promise.
A glass can be raised to signify your perfect ceremony, done just the way you wanted.


Your ceremony can be a week night or a weekend morning.


When you just want to use me for the legal parts.

You’ve always had the idea that a special friend or family member should be the one to marry you, but they’re not authorized.
Let me bring it to life for you, I do the legal parts and they will take the lead and perform your ceremony just the way you planned. I work well with others and I will hang in the background and jump in when required.


You’ve always said that you wanted them to marry you, but they’re not an authorised celebrant, no problems I can fix that!

Small & Intimate

When all the important guests are there to celebrate the love you share.

When all the important guests are there to celebrate the love you share.
It’s ok to have a small wedding, you just want those special humans in your life to witness the love you share. (up to 25 people)It can be in a park with a grazing platter, or in a restaurant with a gorgeous meal or a surprise BBQ where they thought they were coming along to share your great friendship.
It’s the experience that you want to treasure with the ones you love.


What does it take to have this kind of ceremony, ring and ask me!

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I Create relaxed, fun and unique ceremonies that become the essential elements for beautiful memories.